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7th July 2021 Update

Following is a summary of the update:

Bank Feeds

  • Added Bank Feeds to CRM
  • Added ability to auto-match and auto-allocate bank lines to quotes, invoices, sales or customers.
  • Please note that additional fees apply for Bank Feeds as we have to pay for the data.


  • Fixed merging addresses hen one address is empty.
  • Do not update company name if importing a list from Campaign Monitor (CRM data should be master)
  • Address: The length restriction has been removed from “Attention” field
  • Auto fill close date on Task, Opportunity, Project if a closed status is selected.
  • Fixed issue with double-scroll on opened left-side-menu
  • Task for Items: The task description for parts of a product-option was fixed

Customer Portal

  • Added option to show/hide available stock in portal.
  • Added option to show/hide incoming stock in portal


  • We’re now listed on MYOB
  • Import of BOM has been added.
  • Ability to .Explode BOM has been added.
  • Ability to Auto Explode BOM when converting quote to Sales Order has been added.

Jobs – Runs

  • Added a calendar that allows drag and drop management of runs.

Machship and Freight

  • Added ability to import carriers and package sizes
  • Added ability to define custom package sizes, rather than specify sizes each consignment
  • Added ability to add default package(s) to outbound shipments
  • Implemented Create Consignment if Courier/Service are selected
  • Implemented Create Consignment based on available routes if Courier/Service is not selected.


  • The field “Follow-Up Date” has been added into Bulk Update


  • Minor performance tuning
  • Improvements in database performance in stock management.
  • Removed “slow” animation to open/close left-side-menu

Products & Selling

  • Added GL Code fields to bulk update
  • The Sales Order viewer and Backorder grid have been adjusted to display 0 for Committed, Unshipped and Backorder Quantity if Sales Order is Cancelled.  We still will show the prior values in the sales order viewer, in case the user wishes to ‘uncancel’  the sales order.
  • Added new field “Follow Up User” to quote. Reminders will now send to this user if specified, but will still send to the Assigned To if the follow-up user has not been set.
  • Added a new field “Available Stock” which shows stock available over all locations.
  • The processing of item with type “Bill Of Material” now has the ability to split TOP price between content items where a BOM is exploded.
  • Added many more fields to the Quote, Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order grids:
    • pdf template, email template, do not import, do not export, supplier address, description, notes, phone of supplier, fax of supplier, email of supplier, phone of send to, fax of send to,email of send to, shipment status
  • Added a function to merge duplicate supplier contacts (similar to sales contacts).
  • Word Based Quote, Invoice and Sales order templates has been implemented, allowing you to use MS Word to design your own financial documents.
  • Calculation of Configurable Item has been improved – now if Base Price of product does not match the sum of prices for default items difference will be taken into account in widget


  • Added two new permissions “user” and “team”, so that it’s not necessary to give people who manage users full Admin rights.
  • Renamed permission “Customer Portal” to “Portal Users” for clarity.


  • Inbound SMS are now notified.
  • Option to define a user who incoming SMS should be assigned to.

Web Forms – General

  • Added ability to add signature controls to webforms.
  • Added ability to add Image controls to webforms.

Web Forms – Training Course Booking Forms

  • Added the ability to have Free training courses, and not take a payment.
  • Added the ability to allow a customer to request an invoice, pay by credit card, or give both options.
  • Send the invoice to the booking email address when the ‘Invoice me’ option is selected.
  • Send a payment receipt to the booking email after a successful credit card payment.
  • Added the new option to hide Event Dates on the training course Widget.
  • Added the ability for a training course webform to select one or more courses, to permit a webform to be made for restricted cases (e.g. a custom form to allow a third-party to book a specific course only).

Web Time Tracker

  • Implemented web-time tracker.  It allows tasks to be start/stop/completed time tracked, and shown in a list.
  • Added ability to activate Time tracker in “Integrations”
  • Added ability on User to be given Time Tracker access
  • Added ability on user to make a user ‘super user’ who can switch users (in Time Tracker) to administer the task of other users.

Woo Commerce

  • Added an option to download Woo orders as quotes, for those who use Woo as a source of quotes, rather than sales.
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