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2nd September 2021 Update

Following is a summary of the update:

Contacts & Companies

  • Some restrictions have been added for “I employ this person” checkbox in the Contact editor.
  • The scripts for Contact and Company bulk update have been changed to prevent updating of some fields if record is already exported to accounting system.


  • The inserting of List has been improved – the exception is thrown now if list name (despite of related source) is not unique.
  • The “Add To List” dialogue has been a bit improved to display warning message (if list name is not unique) when the new list is created.


  • Several views, functions and procedures have been changed and added to implement an ability to create Return for Sales Order.
  • The processing of Return for Sales Order has been implemented.
  • The restriction for positive and negative items has been added into Credit Note in case accounting system is XERO.
  • The triggers for the table SALE_TRANSACTION_ALLOCATION have been changed to properly process transactions in case they are Credit and Debit simultaneously (for example, overpaid Invoice for Payment and Refund).
  • The processing of Refunds has been adjusted to take into account Accounting System restrictions.
  • The Allocate Credit Note Wizard has been implemented – find out how to allocate Credit Notes to Invoices here.
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