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9th November 2021 Update

Following is a summary of the update:

New Features

  • Time Billing – you can now create a time billing product and set the rates on that by company, then when time is logged you can segment billable vs not billable.  You can also now generate a bill for a company, project or ticket which will pull all types of activities (including emails) into a sales order.
  • Advanced/Detailed Task Editor – you can now view tasks as standalone records in CRM (rather than just a task box) by using “Switch to advanced mode”.
  • Multi-currency for sales has been added – please click here for more information.

Woo Commerce

  • Added Sync of Custom Fields.
  • Added ability to export product categories and main image for them to Woo.


  • Timeline: Added ability to open details Tasks page from past and planned activities blocks.
  • Notifications: Enable link to task viewer for notifications.
  • Task: Added details page for task.
  • Task: Added support for custom fields to task viewer and added “Activity” and “Time” tabs and set of commands.

PDF Templates

  • The ability to use HTML format has been added into the merge of the Word-based PDF templates.
  • The format for displaying Merge Codes has been changed – an ability to see merge codes in the separated page for related Entity-based property has been added.


  • An ability to display link(s) to related Asset(s) has been added into the Ticket view.

NEW: Time Billing

  • The new procedures for generating Time Bill (Sales Order) for Project, Ticket and Customer have been added.
  • The Time Billing module has been implemented for Projects, Tasks and all related activities.


  • Notifications: DB: The new notification type “Mention” has been added.
    Notifications: The ability to display information about mentions has been added and these will now appear in the Notifications area.
  • Notifications: are now provided in CRM for the following events: Email send has failed, SMS send has failed, an inbound SMS has been received.
  • UI: The processing of buttons for commands has been changed in all views to disable button instead of hide. This means you will now see buttons on a range of toolbars throughout CRM that are greyed out, when previously the buttons would have been hidden from view entirely.


  • Several new core reports have been added, as follows:
    • Daily Sales Profitability (Invoices): Displays Profit figures for every invoice over a given period of time and provides summary figures per customer and per period.
    • Purchase Order Summary: Overview of Purchase Orders over a given period of time and the respective billing figures.
    • Sales Profitability by Customer (Sales Order): Displays expected profit figures for all Sales Orders (invoiced and non-invoiced).
    • Serial Number per Sales Order: Provides an overview of Serial Numbers allocated to Sales Orders.


  • New tabs for “Opportunities”, “Quotes”, “Sales Orders”, “Invoices”, “Payments”, “Purchase Orders”, “Supplier Bills” have been added to Campaigns.


  • Stocktakes no longer default to “every single item” –  they  now start off as blank and items are added using the “Add Item” button.
  • Bill Of Material: The new command “Copy” has been added into grid and viewer for Bill Of Material. A copy button has also been added to the activity toolbar on the BoM form.
  • Show fields “Part Number”, Cost and Sell Price in the BOM.
  • Show total cost of the BOM
  • Set the product’s cost price from the default BOM when the default BOM is created or updated.

Selling & Quoting

  • Multi Currency for sales has been added, including for Web Quotes.
  • A Subscription is set to ACTIVE once it is converted to sales order.
  • Quotes: Changed initial sorting for grid to display the most recently created on top.
  • Add “Allowed Opportunity Types” to a team – this can be used to limit which type of Opportunities users will see in the grid.
  • Sales Order: The ability to change the quantity for Allocated Purchase Order has been added in the Sales Order viewer.


  • When you configure an asset as part of a quote or sales order the address of the asset defaults to the address used on the quote or Sales Order.


  • Job: a range of new columns have been added for use in grid view.
  • Route mapping between Jobs has been added.
  • Email: a Default Email Template has been added for Jobs.
  • Email Template: The ability to create an Email Template for Jobs has been added.
  • Email Template: The ‘Email Template for Job from the CRM CRM’ was added to CRM.
  • Admin > General: The Option “Job Email Template” was added to the PDF And Email Templates area.
  • Map: First version of showing ROUTES on jobs is added.  This enables you to pick a day and then view the jobs on map in route/time order.
  • Added WORK LOCATION field to employee record to support above – shows starting and ending point – uses LOCATIONS. (will change this later to support employee home or other addresses).
  • Job: The customer’s mobile number has been added to the map pin information shown in map view.

Bug Fixes

  • Properly process “Use Customer Tax Rate” setting when option “Autoexpand BOM Via Sales Order Generation” is turned on.
  • Task: The import from CSV and Bulk Update has been fixed.
  • Ticket: The import from CSV has been fixed for Tickets.
  • Team: Made unavailable to delete “admin” team.
  • Team: Added missed “audit” fields.
  • 2FA: Improved copy paste code validation – set input code checking for numeric and space issues.
  • Fixed jumping on details page’s tabs while grid is loading.
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