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28th August 2021 Update

Following is a summary of the update:

Bank Feeds

  • First Version of Bank Feeds is implemented. Auto processing of bank transactions matching to invoices and or customer details.
  • Report of Auto-processed payments send to selected user or team.
  • Ability to define which payment method/GL Code the bank account relates to for automated processing to accounting system.
  • Ability to create an invoice and a payment directly from a bank account transaction.

Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • The Sales widget has been adjusted – the calculation of tax amount has been changed to avoid rounding issue.
  • Fixed issue ‘potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected’.
  • Added missed “Audit” feature for Meeting entity.
  • Fixed issue for “Embedded” grids when advanced layout & filter were selected but not applied.
  • Corrected styles for mobile main grid.
  • The mandatory setting on “Assigned To” was removed when creating a template job.
  • Corrected addresses for Shipping and invoicing when Parent/Child or Third-party billing is enabled.

Customer Portal

  • Added ability to notify selected user or team when quotes or orders are submitted.
  • Added Email Templates for Quote and Sales Order notifications.
  • Added ability to define a global “Buy via portal” discount, which can be overridden by customer.


  • A new “Locked” field was added to prevent a job being dragged and dropped to a new date/time on the job calendar.
  • The titles was changed on the Job calendar to “JOB#”.
  • The jobs created from “Run” now show correctly on Job Calendar.
  • The due_date for Jobs was added at “Perform Run”.


  • Fixed settings screen to show all available settings.


  • The field “DELIVERY_DATE” has been added into the Project and viewer and editor.


  • Changed Categories to be hierarchical, rather than flat.
  • Added ability to add category images and descriptions.


  • Courier fields have been added to the Purchase Order.


  • Implemented Template Quotes (Admin-> Quote Templates) and ability to create quotes from templates.
  • “Copy Quote” can now either Copy a quote (existing behaviour) – or “Copy as Template”.
  • Custom colours in Quote Template was added.
  • The field PAYMENT_TERM in the Quote has been changed to allow NULL.
  • Added a new PDF quote template “Quotes with Product Images”

Sending Statements

  • Added ability to email statements from invoice grid.
  • Added Templates (PDF and Email) for statements.


  • We now update the “Updated Date, Updated By” field on Project, Opportunity and Ticket when related activities is added or changed.
  • Moved “Column Chooser” to be placed in “body” instead of to be inside grid to improve usability on smaller screens.
  • Separated storing grid client between per main grid and embedded grid.

Woo Commerce

  • Added Sync of custom meta fields for Woo.
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