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28th July 2021 Update

Following is a summary of the update:


  • Account: Improved “Activation” to decode key one more time if failed for cases when key is double-encoded.
  • Account: Improved “Reset Password” page to show “Incorrect link” info.
  • Account: Improved “Activation” page to not send email to helpdesk when key is empty. But leave sending emails to helpdesk when key is not empty to have ability to investigate if it user’s errors like this one or some other issue.


  • Assets: Removed the generation of a default value based on “Product” and “Serial Number” values for the “Display Name” field when creating a new Asset.

Bank Accounts

  • Bank Accounts: Added the possibility to open previously created Payment for the transaction.
  • Bank Accounts: Fixed issues in the “Allocation” procedure. Added fixing the changes in a transaction after the Payment creation.
  • Bank Accounts: Adjusted the “Allocate” procedure. Transferred the allocation action directly to the “Payment” page.


  • Calendar: Show order of increments was fixed.
  • Calendar: The display of increments was moved.
  • Admin: General: The “5 Minutes” and “1 Minute” calendar increments was added.
  • Calendar: The possibility to change of calendar increment was added on Calendar Pages.


  • Entity: The new entity “ProductSupplier” has been added.
  • Waco: Entity: Debug “WACO”-designer – fix “DatasourceParameters” serialization for fields that are NOT inherited (NOT defined in “Common”-metadata).
  • DB: The function CheckIsEntityExported has been changed to check if Entity was exported successfully (and allow to delete others).


  • MergePlaceholder: An ability to use client timezone offset to proper process dates has been added.
  • MergePlaceholder: An ability to clear HTML text has been added for Word Merge.
  • TEWebMarketing: Debug “TEWebMarketing” – fix the merge of placeholders in emails to the subscribed employees when the “Email Template” from the database is NOT specified and the default one from the disk is used.
  • LeadSearch: Moved “google cache” tables from customer’s db to AccessControl db to reduce number of Google Place API calls..
  • Custom Fields: Fixed set of UI bugs..
  • Meta: Debug “MetaHelper” – fix “GetMetadataItemNames” method – use “GetRealPath” to calculate the folder path.
  • DB: Several procedures and functions have been changed to process the new fields.
  • DB: The ordering of the table creation has been fixed.
  • UI: The set of selectors has been adjusted to avoid “Ambiguous column name ‘id’.” SQL error.
  • UI: Improved set of widgets to reduce the number of “options” call (by request only and not ofter then once in 5 mins).
  • Map: Fixed styles for “Show address on map” dialog to make it bigger and resizible.
  • Supplier Companies: Added import of “Supplier Price List” that includes the Product’s fields too on the “Product” tab. .
  • The QR Code functionality was added.
  • Custom Fields UI: Included UI for Custom Fields from prototype. Added menu item in Admin menu for it.


  • Job: A new “Estimated Travel Time” field was added.
  • Runs: Browser: A new “New Job” button was added.
  • Runs: Calendar: The calendar events for “Travel Time” based on this Estimated Travel Time field of Job were added.
  • Runs: Calendar: The “Travel Time” events are established to move with it’s Job.
  • Runs: Calendar: The double-click on calendar Job entry is established to open the template job.
  • Runs: Calendar: The scroll of Runs was fixed.
  • Runs: Calendar: The date selector part of the calendar was hidden.


  • EXO: Added ability to import Kits AS BOMs from EXO.


  • Performance: DB: The functions for working with studio options have been a bit improved.
  • Performance: UI: Some selectors have been redesigned to decrease quantity of calling (execution count) database functions like GetOptionInt and GetOptionRef (in future it will be replaced by cached values).


  • Sales: The calculation of Subtotal Inc/Ex Tax has been adjusted in Sales and Purchase widget to avoid problem with rounding whet Inc Tax mode is used.
  • Sales: Delete of tasks related to the item was added at delete of Sales.
  • UI: The processing of the field “Courier Service” has been added for Invoice.
  • JS: An ability to use selectors for custom fields has been added into Sales widget.
  • UI: The new properties “Gross Profit” and “Gross Margin” have been added into the Quote, SalesOrder and Invoice entity.
  • Sales: The fixes of saved item’s time were made.
  • Meta: Improve “MetaHelper” – add a set of methods to enumerate available metadata items – “GetEntityNames”, “GetDatasourceNames”, “GetBrowserNames” and “GetEditorNames”.- DB: The new fields “MARGIN_AMOUNT” and “MARGIN_PERCENT” have been added into the table “QUOTE”, “SALES_ORDER” and “SALE_TRANSACTION”.
  • Quote: A new Probability and Expected Close Date fields were added.
  • DB: The new field COURIER_SERVICE_ID has been added into the table SALE_TRANSACTION.
  • DB: The functions SalesOrderAdvancedSelect and InvoiceAdvancedSelect have been changed to process the field COURIER_SERVICE_ID.
  • DB the procedure GenerateInvoiceForSalesOrder has been changed to copy the fields SHIPMENT_TRACKING_NUMBER and COURIER_SERVICE_ID from Sales Order/Shipment into Invoice.
  • Sales Orders: Added a possibility to include other (not only from Backorder) items when generating Purchase Order.


  • DB: The new field ON_BEHALF_OF_ID has been added into the table CUSTOMER_SUBSCRIPTION.
  • UI: The processing of new field has been added into the CustomerSubscription.

Web Forms

  • WebForm: Rename “Subscribed User Notification Template” to “Employee Notification Template”.
  • WebForm: Rename “Submitted Contact Notification Template” to “Contact Notification Template”.
  • WebForms: Improve “WebFormManager” – improve performance – remove overhead of the explicit “Start”/”Commit” commands – use “Readonly” versions of “DBQuery” methods to execute “SELECT”-based queries.
  • WebForms: Improve “WebFormManager” – add the support of the new possibility to specify the “Sender” on the “Email Template” – load the specified value from “message_template” table and passthrough it to the sending email code together with the subject and body templates.
  • WebForms: Improve “WebForm” editor – use “advanced selector” to search and select “Related To” value.
  • WebForms: Improve “DatasourceController” – add possibility to return values for datasources marked as “IsVirtual” and return the data for the first “IsVirtual” datasource named as “WebFormTargetEntitySelector”.
  • WebForms: Debug all types of webforms – fix the rendering of “Lookup” fields that are configured as “IsRequired” – render the empty value for all of cases regardless of “IsRequired” value.
  • WebForms: Debug “Default” type of webforms – fix the checkbox value processing – get “element.checked” instead of “element.value” for elements of type “checkbox”.
  • WebForms: Improve “WebForm” editor – use “autocomplete” to search the name of the entity as a value for “Related To” property – the “Target” entity for the webform.
  • Waco: Entity: Debug “WACO”-designer – fix “DefaultValue” serialization for fields of “IsBoolean” and “IsNumber” types – render values as JSON-native types – “boolean” and “number” instead of “string”.

Web Quotes

  • WebQuotes: An ability to “multiply” templates according to items, tax quantity was added.
  • WebQuotes: The first version of processing of merged codes for items has been implemented.
  • WebQuotes: An ability to use client timezone offset for API call to proper process dates has been added.
  • WebQuotes: The missing address and Quote Price Information were added to Proposal Template.
  • WebQuotes: The formatting of prices and dates was added.
  • WebQuotes: The display of Approval and Comments block was fixed.

Woo Commerce

  • Needed version of WM has been added.
  • Woo: Added ability to start import of orders from Woo on demand.
  • Woo: Added ability to import orders with configurable products from Woo.- DocumentImporter: The .Net Framework has been increased to 4.6.2
    – Workflow UI: added new memu-item in admin menu – Workflow Designer with first UI version (styles and js files).
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