Using SMS Templates

You can also refer to Creating Templates and Using Templates to learn more about when and how you can use and create SMS Templates and our general help page on SMS Messages.

Send an SMS

To send an message using an SMS Template you’ve created, go to a record in any of the supported modules in CRM and click on the SMS button and then select your SMS Template.

The following example shows you how to send an SMS from a Contact record:

  1. Locate your Contact record in CRM and open it.
  2. Click on the SMS button to reveal the area where your SMS is composed.
  3. Click on the Templates drop-down field to show a list of available Templates.
  4. Select your Template and it will automatically populate all fields.
  5. Click Send.
  6. The SMS will then appear in the Timeline area of the Contact record.

Sending an SMS using a Template

  • You can now also use your SMS Template by following the process above in any of the CRM modules where SMS is supported – just open a record and click on the SMS button.