Uploading Marketing Lists to Facebook Ads

the CRM is equipped with advanced list management functionality that helps you create, organise and utilise customer lists within the CRM. To learn how to create and manage lists, refer to the List Management section of our help file here.

With the CRM, you’re able to easily export lists from CRM for use in marketing campaigns on both Facebook and Google. These lists can be uploaded for targeting purposes, helping to improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

In order to export your list, navigate to the Main Menu -> Marketing -> Lists.

Here you’ll see a collection of all the lists that exist within your CRM. Select the desired list and you’ll be able to view list information and list members (note, only Contact lists can be exported for Facebook and Google marketing).

On the righthand side, you’ll notice a few buttons. If you’ve connected your system with an email marketing client (Campaign Monitor or Mail Chimp), you’ll first notice the option to export the lists to one of those services. This is handy when you’re sending email campaigns to specific groups of clients based on sales history, customer status and more. For more information on email marketing, click here.

Below that, you’ll see two buttons: Export as Facebook Audience and Export as Google Match Template.

When you click either of these buttons, a CSV download will begin. Our export files are fully formatted and ready for upload into your chosen digital marketing platform.


For Facebook:

From the Ads Manager Home Page (https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/) you’ll want to expand the Business Tools section.

Then select Audiences.

Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the Audiences menu by clicking here.

Click Create Audience.

And then select Custom Audience from the dropdown list.

You’ll be given the option to select a number of different list sources. Select Customer List.

You’ll then be prompted to format your file correctly. Since this has already been done for you, click Next.

You’ll be asked if your list contains a customer value field. The list exported directly from the CRM does not contain a customer value field. Select No and then click Next.

Now you’ll need to select the CSV file from your file explorer. Click Upload File, select the correct CSV and then hit Upload. At this stage you’ll also be required to give the audience a name. Be sure to be descriptive enough in your list name to know which customers are contained on the list (i.e. CRM Customers Tagged ‘Regular Buyers’, CRM Customers Spent $1000+, etc.). Then click Next.

The final step in the process will help you confirm that the upload will be successful. You’ll be able to double check that all the fields have mapped correctly into the Facebook interface. Ensure the columns match their identifiers and once you’ve confirmed, click Upload and Create.

You’ll then see this newly created Audience in your list of available audiences and you’ll be able to use the list in campaigns, or to create lookalike lists based on matching criteria.