Creating Assets for Servicing

If you’re using the service management functionality of the CRM, it’s likely that your business deals with ‘Assets’ that require servicing. These assets can be either owned by you or owned by your client. Ultimately, service management comes in handy if you’re responsible for the maintenance and/or upkeep of these assets.

To access your list of Assets, head to the Main Menu -> Operations -> Assets.

Here you’ll find all the Assets your business is responsible for. To create a new Asset, click New Asset in the upper right hand corner.

When creating assets you’ll have the opportunity to select the underlying asset ‘Product’, define the related account, assign a serial number if required, provide PPSR registration details if relevant and a number of other asset details that provide further information about the asset in question.

For service management, you’ll see there is the option to include a service contract and service details on asset creation.

Once you save the asset, this information will be displayed on the Asset record in the summary section.

You’ll also see we have a Service Schedule tab on the asset record.

If we click Add Service Schedule, we’re able to add the Service Products we set up previously to the asset’s unique service schedule. We can click the Service Type field to select the Service Product, then we can define whether the service will use the default parts (which you’ll remember we assigned to the Service Product in step one).

Then we can define the Due Date (which will appear on the service schedule for easy organisation and management) and specify whether the service is repeating and at what frequency. If we take an annual car service as an example, we can set the due date as 30/06/21, check the repeating box and repeat the schedule every year.

Once we click Save, we’ll see the services are now viewable in the service schedule grid – giving you an overview of the schedule for that particular asset.