Adding Attachments and Notes to a Job Record

For enhanced visibility of information related to a job, we’ve implemented functionality for adding attachments, notes and calls to a job record.

Start by navigating to the Jobs Module by heading to the Main Menu -> Operations -> Jobs.

Here you’ll see a list of existing jobs in your system. When you click a line on the grid, you’ll be taken to the unique job record. Just below the job summary you’ll see 3 attachment groups.

In the case of a car service, for example, you may wish to upload images of the vehicle before and after the service (for legal or internal purposes). Simply click the paperclip icon below the appropriate heading.

Then browse for the correct image and upload it to the job sheet where it will be stored for reference. Press the cross to delete the attachment or click the attachment heading to view the image.

On the job record, you’ll also notice a Timeline tab below the action bar.

Here you’ll be able to view and manage any additional communications about a particular job. To add a note, click the Note button in the action bar. To take a car service as an example once again, this could include anything from mechanic notes about the service being performed to admin notes about customer pickup requests. Just click Save to add the note to the Timeline.

You also have the option to add Call details by clicking the Call button in the action bar, recording the call details and then clicking Save. This can be handy if you’ve interacted with the customer regarding changes to the typical service, or perhaps you’ve contacted a supplier to source additional parts required for a unique job. Whatever it may be, your notes and call history will be displayed on the Timeline for reference.