Creating a Service Product

If you’ll be using the CRM’s service management functionality, the first step required to get it set up involves creating ‘Service’ products within the system. Equipped with a few additional fields for their intended purpose, this ‘Service’ specification adds a level of additional detail to general product records so they’re more suited to service and job management.

To create a service product, head to the Main Menu -> Inventory -> Products.

Then click New Product in the top right-hand corner.

Notice the Type field outlined below. We’ll need to select ‘Service’ to create a service-specific product.

This will reveal two additional Duration fields so you can define the default service duration. As an example, we’ll call this an Annual Car Service and we’ll say it takes 4 hours. Once you’ve filled in the desired fields, hit Save and Close.

Since this is a service product, you’ll notice there is a Service Parts tab on the product record.

On this tab, you’re able to specify Parts that are used during the service. Click the Add Service Product button in the upper left.

Then, select products that would be used (by default) during a typical service. If we follow the Annual Car service example, let’s use Motor Oil, an Oil Filter and Blinker Fluid as example Parts. Click Save once you’ve selected the product and it will be added to the Parts list.

These selections will auto-fill when this service product is used to create a Job in CRM (however, you’ll also have the ability to edit and add products to the Job as desired).

Please note, these underlying Service Parts should first be set up separately as unique products within the CRM.