Configure Sync Direction and Frequency

When you integrate your MYOB accounting system with the CRM CRM, you’re able to control the direction and frequency of sync’s between the two systems.

Once you’ve connected the CRM to your accounting system, our integration options let you define sync preferences that suit you. These preferences determine the direction and frequency of data syncing between your accounting system and the CRM.

To set-up your sync, head to the Main Menu and scroll down to the Admin section. Expand the Admin section and select Connections.

Select Settings beside the appropriate accounting system to expose the sync preference settings.

To automate the sync in either direction, simply click the dropdown box and select scheduled. Then, define the schedule to determine the time/days at which the sync will take place. Otherwise, select manual to manually push records between the systems when desired. When finished, click Update.

NOTE: ‘OUT’ refers to data being exported to your accounting system from the CRM while ‘IN’ refers to data being imported from your accounting system to the CRM.