Creating Repeating Invoices

If your business operates in a manner where sales occurs regularly or on a schedule, the CRM’s repeating invoice feature can seamlessly manage the process for you.

When creating an invoice, you’re able to select a schedule to which repeating invoices will be generated in the future – reducing the administrative leg work required.

To create a repeating invoice, head to the Main Menu, expand the sales module and select Invoices.

Click New Invoice.

On the Invoice Creation screen, tick the ‘Is Repeating’ checkbox and the repeating invoice fields will be displayed.

Here, you’ll be able to select a number of options for the repeating schedule, including:

  1. Repeating Status: Active or Inactive (which can be used to pause/activate the schedule).
  2. Repeat Units: To specify the frequency of repeats – i.e. every 1 month, every 2 weeks etc.
  3. Next Invoice Date: Which is calculated automatically based on the when the initial invoice is created (however, this can be manually overridden – e.g. if you offer the first 3 months free, then charge regularly every month thereafter).
  4. Maximum Frequency: Which determines how many repeats until the schedule is completed.
  5. End Date: Which specifies a date at which the invoice will stop repeating.
  6. Send to Customer: Which determines whether or not the repeating invoices are automatically sent to the customer on creation.

Auto Pay: When checked, the payment (by credit card, via Ezidebit or eWay) is processed automatically as per the repeating invoice schedule – this is only effective if the initial payment was received by credit card via one of our payment processors.

If the auto-pay box is selected, an extra field will appear asking you to select the auto-payment method. If you need to input new payment (credit card) details, simply click the Edit Info button and follow the prompts.

In the description field, you’re also able to input Placeholder Text that updates automatically when the repeating invoices are created. Whatever you input into the description will be displayed on the customer copy, rather than on internal notes. For more information on using placeholders, click here.

If you view the record for an invoice that is set up as repeating, you’ll also be able to view a data grid that displays the repeating series. This will give you full visibility of all the invoices in the series. Just click the repeating invoice from the invoice screen. Then, select Repeating Series from the action bar. You can click on any of the invoices in the series to view their unique record.