Connecting with Ezidebit

Ezidebit allows safe, secure and automated payments by credit card, direct debit and BPAY. You first need to contact Ezidebit to open an account.

The configuration settings are accessed from the “Connections” menu. Once there, choose “Ezidebit”.

Enter your details, noting the following:

  • Statement Merchant Identifier is displayed on customer receipts – generally it will be your company name.
  • Account ID, Digital Key and Public Key is supplied by Ezidebit.
  • If you have BPAY enabled, enter your unique BPAY Biller Code.
  • Process After Date is optional and prevents downloading payments before this date.

Run the Test and Download Fees button to check that the configuration settings are correct.

Note that the Download Fees and Download Payments buttons are for manually processing and the CRM will automatically perform the downloads.