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Syncing Your Accounting System

Once you’ve set up your basic company settings, we’d recommend getting connected with your accounting system. If you’re running MYOB AccountRight, Xero or MYOB Exo, our software integration is guaranteed to save you time and resources.

Linking with your accounting system will also provide in-field access to all sales and product data that your team might need, as well as reducing data entry requirements through auto-sync of key information – so you’ll get to experience the true benefits of the product.

The accounting link is the cornerstone of most CRM systems because when you’re successfully connected, you’re able to easily sync:

  • All tax codes and GL codes.
  • All employees.
  • All products.
  • All companies and contacts.
  • All historic sales, invoices and payments.


Importing data from an accounting system is non-destructive. Your accounting software won’t update or overwrite unless you push data over to it – and if you choose to do so, it’s perfectly safe.

To connect to an accounting system, navigate to the Admin section of the main menu, then select Connections and follow the prompts to activate the desired connection.

You’ll be asked to log in using your system credentials and from there you’ll be able to begin importing data.

We’ve created dedicated help files for accounting system sync so be sure to visit our MYOB or Xero connection guides. They’ll open in a new tab so once you’re done you can return and continue your set-up. 

If you’ve imported your data successfully why not head to the Company screen and click the map view. If the import was completed correctly, you’ll be able to visualise all your customers and contacts by location, giving you an overview of your imported records.

Note: by default, the locations will aggregate at suburb level, however within 1-2 hours the system will update the pins to street level addresses automatically.

Simply navigate to the Main Menu and expand the Cards module at the top. Then select Company and use the Map Pin Icon in the view selector toward the top to change to the visual map view.