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2022 Release Notes

21st December 2022


  • For MYOB-linked databases we added ability to delete synced invoices from CRM with the addition of a “Delete” button. This works by deleting the record in MYOB, unlinking the record with CRM and then deleting the CRM record. If the MYOB deletion is not successful (e.g. if there is a payment applied) you will get an error message and deletion will not proceed.


  • Added Kanban to Work Orders.
  • Added Dashboard to Products.
  • Added Dashboard to Opportunity.
  • Added Dashboard to Meetings
  • Added Dashboard to Calendar.
  • Added Merge Duplicates to Supplier Contacts.
  • An “All” box has been added to Kanban View settings list to allow for quick selection/de-selection of options in bulk.


  • Changed display of “Discount Amount” in Web Templates to more easily distinguish between $ and % amounts.
  • Added ability to select a “Sell From” location per item on Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices. Previously the location could only be chosen at a record level. When Outbound Shipments are created, they will be separated into records based on the location being sold from.


  • Added “Due Date” field to Supplier Bill. This field is set automatically using the “Created Date” and “Terms” fields (the same method that is used to calculate an Invoice due date).


  • Added the ability to export data to Excel from all tabs on a List i.e. Active, Bounced, Deleted, Internal, Unsubscribed, Suppression, All.
  • Added the ability to use merge codes in Web Form field labels.


  • The pinning of Activities to record Timelines has been adjusted so that pinned items are now visible for all Users.

14th October 2022

User Interface Uplift

  • Timeline
    • Display images in reading panel
    • Enhanced mobile reading panel
    • Improved note and email context
  • Tabs:
    • Added ability to store user’s preferences for Tabs
  • Page Titles:
      • Added context of location in CRM to Page Title
  • Main Menu
    • Improved label to renamed quote template item;


  • Quote:
    • Added an ability to copy a quote with locked links to the Opportunity and Project
  • Sales Orders, Invoices:
    • Added lock of the Opportunity and Project for Sales Orders, Invoices, and Deposit Invoices if the Quote was copied with locked links.
  • Add Quote from Template:
    • Added button to the Quote tabs for Campaign, Opportunity, Project, and Ticket pages.


  • Job:
    • JobRuns- The date/time converting was fixed for start/end date fields
  • Stock:
    • Stock Tasks: fixed serial number popup
    • Stock Taskes: fixed batch popup


  • Brand Customisation:
    • Resolve issue with configuration
  • Woo Commerce:
    • Fixed ecommerce automation for a case when we work with more than 1 Woo site
    • Fixed saving prefix for orders in ecommerce settings

21st September 2022

You can also now watch a short video that summarises this update.

User Interface Uplift

  • Timeline:
    • Searchable timeline.
    • Filter by activity type, @mention, user action.
    • In-place reading pane.
  • Tabs Display:
    • New Tab display across all areas.
  • Addresses:
    • The Address widget has been changed to use multi line control for Street.
  • Attachments:
    • Drag and drop attachments.
  • Menus:
    • Main Menu: Enhanced side menu.
  • Tags & Lists:
    • Updated Tags with theming.
    • Updated ‘Add To List’ feature.
  • Grid layout
    • Changed pointer to hand cursor for table row.
    • Enhanced grid display and header.


  • “Brand Customisation” – under the ADMIN menu lets customers choose their own URL e.g. “” vs  “”.
  • Security: Admins can see all records.
  • General Options: The new options for “Despatch Lead Time” have been added.
  • Courier processing has changed – it’s now possible to mark a courier-selection in the couriers drop down list as “Pick Up”. This shows PICKUP as the address on Delivery Docket and Picking Slip.
  • Merge Codes: The pasting of merge codes without html tags was added.
  • CTI: Added new workflow for background conversion phone numbers into CTI format.


  • Introduced ability to create Purchase Orders from Backorder screen. See Backorders for more information.
  • The processing of Backorder Items has been adjusted to include items, which cannot be processed by any of selected Supplier into the new Purchase Order for the last Supplier.
  • Added a “Success Message” that displays the numbers of newly created purchase orders after the procedure for generating purchase orders.

Calendar & Activities

  • Time: Added an ability to export grid data to the CSV file.
  • Calendar: The return of event to initial position at on failure or movement between different types was added.


  • StockMovement: An ability to adjust related sales orders in case of manual stock adjustment has been implemented.
  • StockMovement: An ability to export data from embedded grid on Product viewer has been added.
  • StockMovement: Additional column has been added into grid to display Source/Initial entry.
  • Request for Quotes, Purchase Order: The display of “Last Sent field” was added.


  • Insta-buy Web Forms are now LIVE!!
  • WebForms: Parameterised Webforms.
  • WebForms: Added Insta-buy web form.
  • Webforms: Fixed image on web form; added default product on Insta-buy web form.


  • Calendar: Job: The display of attendees was fixed.
  • Calendar: The attendees was added to user list for Job.


  • The core PDF templates for Quote, Sales Order, Invoice and Purchase Order have been adjusted.


  • Sales Orders: Added a “Success Message” that displays the numbers of newly created purchase orders after the procedure for generating purchase orders.
  • Sales Order, Work Order, Shipment: The new fields “Despatch By Date” have been added.
  • SalesOrder: The display “Mark as Picked Up” label was fixed for all pick up couriers.
  • SalesOrder: The display shipment icon was fixed for “Mark as Picked Up” label.
  • Quote, Sales Orders, Invoice: The display of “Last Sent field” was added.
  • Invoice: Task: The send to was removed from defaults Attendee.


  • Product: In WOO settings, we can now choose a specific LOCATIOn to take stock from, or a specific price level to sync to woo.
  • Woo: Added ability to use settings “Use All Locations”, “Default Price Type”, “Default Location” for Woo in the stored procedures for export products and products variations.
  • Woo: Added ability to edit core Woo settings (url, key etc.) for an existing integration.
  • Woo: Added settings “Default Price Type”, “Default Location” settings for an integration with Woo.

Work Orders

  • WORK ORDER can now have custom stages. They work like OPPORTUNITY stages.   This is being put in place with a goal of showing the users what stage their orders are at in the build process.
  • Work Order Setting: The new section has been added to have an ability to add the dropdown field selections from Admin > Settings.
  • Work Order, Bill Of Material: The new fields “Type” and “Stage” have been added.
  • Work Order: The processing of “Type” and “Stage” have been added in the Start/Complete/Cancel buttons and related procedures.

16th September 2022

  • Web Quote: The display of tax amount was fixed

15th September 2022

  • Backorder: The processing of Backorder Items has been adjusted to include items, which cannot be processed by any of selected Supplier into the new Purchase Order for the last supplier.
  • Workflow Designer: Added a feature for workflow triggers “Only when one of the following field(s) is updated”.
  • Attachments: Drag and drop has been implemented.
  • Side Menu: New behaviour has been implemented.
  • Payment: Fixed import of payments from Xero.
  • Product: Fixed import of BoMs from AR Live.
  • Sales Order: The processing of Batch and Serial Numbers has been fixed.

13th September 2022

  • Product: Added additional ability to import BoMs from AR Live.

7th September 2022

  • Attachments: Added file upload for all related pages.
  • Product: Fixed import of BoMs from AR Live.

5th September 2022

  • AR Live:
    • Professional invoice export;
    • Invoices export fixes.

23 August 2022

  • Integration:
    • Woo Commerce: Added new setting “Switch off the product description feed for invoicing”.
  • Payment: Fixed export of payments to Xero.

19th August 2022

  • Integration: Added initial implementation for PayWay payment platform.
  • Sales Order: Fixed import of tax rates in orders from Woo Commerce.

17th August 2022

  • Customer Portal: Added “Export” for product in customer portal
  • Job:
    • Updating of geolocation was added to Job History at change of Status.
    • A new data time field ETA was added.
    • The filling of ETA was added at change status to on-Route.
  • Asset: The “Locate Asset” button was added.
  • Map: The Active Users was added.
  • Main Menu: The location Tracking button was added.
  • Web forms: Added check if fields added on form
  • Supplier Bill: Added ability to import Supplier Bills from AR Live and MYOB Business.

15th August 2022

  • Attachment: The processing of documents has been fixed

5th August 2022

  • Sales Order: Improved processing of batch and serial number in case Sales Order already Invoiced.
  • Supplier Bills: Removed field “Issue Date” that is no longer used from already existing and saved layouts.
  • Webinar: The new data source for Webinar has been added to be used in selectors

27th July 2022

  • Shopify: Small display fixes

20th July 2022

  • Shopify: Sales Order and bulk import fixes.

13th July 2022

  • Facebook: Lead Generation
    • Added case to use Name to resolve the lookup value if there is no value for the Id field.
  • AR Live: Improved import from AR Live for customers, orders, quotes, suppliers.

30th June 2022

Batch & Serial Tracking

  • Display batch or serial numbers in the grids for these use cases:
    • Stocktake, Returns , Shipment, Receipt,
    • Work Order Input/Output Product,
    • Stock Transfer:
      • Shipment,
      • Stock Transfer
    • StockMovement.
    • Sales Order,
    • Invoice,
  • Purchase Order, Sales Order: New property has been added for displaying Serial Or Batch Numbers in PDF Template.

Customer Portal

  • Added ability to set custom background image.
  • Added ability to show stock availability as actual values, or “Yes/No”


  • Ability to resend email in case of previous error.


  • Changed import process to import employees as employees instead of users
  • Added ability to create a login for selected employees
  • Allowed in the system to assign things to employees who don’t have a login.
  • Improved the displaying of error messages.
  • Added a warning when a user logs on and has no permission to see anything


  • MYOB: Added ability to export product transfer lists to AR Live.
  • MYOB: Added ability to export manual stock movements


  • Added a variation builder based on product attributes
  • Product: Prior Items Sold, Prior Items Purchased: The delivery date was added.


  • The delivery date was added.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Reports: The Delivery Docket report was updated.
  • Added ability to set KPI sales and call targets.


  • Prior Items Sold: The Product Display Name and Comment of Sales Order Items were added to grid.


  • Subscription: The Activity bar buttons was added to viewer.
  • Subscription: A new Cancelled Date field was added.
  • Subscription: The field Paid Until Date was made editable.

Web Forms

  • Improved webform designer ability to set defaults for lookup and boolean fields.
  • Add ability to filter on training course bookings by course type.

Web Templates

  • Web Based: Invoice: The ABN/A.C.N fields are now displayed.
  • Web Based: Invoice: The caption was updated to “Tax Invoice” or “Tax Receipt” depending on the payment status.
  • Web Settings: The Show product image field was added.
  • Web Settings: Web Based PO was added.

20th May 2022

Column Chooser

  • Allow to show fields from related records (e.g. Opportunity can show fields of related companies).
  • Search for field names, and highlight in the result.
  • Visual clean up.

Online Invoice Payments

  • Ability to send a customer a web-based Invoice.
  • Customer can pay online with eWay or Stripe.

Progressive Revenue Recognition

  • Enable this option to recognise your revenue only when you make shipments of goods to your clients. This allows correct revenue recognition in line with product delivery which is great if your product delivery is staggered, or has long lead times.

Quoting and Selling

  • Added ability to add multiple deposit payments against a Sales Order. These deposits can code against customer deposits received, and will convert to revenue in your MYOB/XERO on delivery of goods.
  • Added ability to create and manage subscription products, which includes automated billing against a stored credit card.
  • Added percentage discount option on pricing, so it’s now possible to specify your product pricing sliding scales as:
      • Dollar Discount from Retail.
      • Percentage Discount from Retail.
      • Specific Alternative price.
  • Ability to send Multiple Invoices at once.

Usability Improvements

  • Performance Improvements.
  • Improved the “Integrations” user interface.
  • Added “Record Level Security” to Company, Contact and Opportunity.
  • Added ability to create a Task from a Ticket.
  • Added “Click to Call” when Phone integration is enabled for Novum.
  • Improve the UI for PDF Template Word Merge and Mail Merge codes.
  • Added “full screen” mode for activity data entry.
  • Time: Added Link in the Time grid for Task, Ticket.
  • Dashboards can now export to PDF.

Web-based Purchasing

  • Added web-based Purchase Order, Request for Quote.
  • These can be emailed to suppliers and accepted online.
  • Added Sliding Scale pricing for supplier pricing.
  • Added ability to Merge Purchase Orders.

Woo Commerce Enhancements

  • Added Custom-Attribute support for Product Features in CRM.  Now a product attribute can be product-specific, as well as global to allow better classification of product data.
  • Added feature to automatically generate variations of products.
  • Fixed Export of Tags to Woo Commerce.

Zoom integration, Sales Webinar Management

  • Add a “Webinars” to the system.
  • Invite people to webinars, track in Opportunity Module, note attendances.

16th February 2022

Accounting integrations

  • MYOB:  A set of minor import/export errors have been fixed.
  • Xero: Fixed import of GL codes from Xero.

Calendar & Activity

  • Switching between week and work week was fixed.
  • Selected users don’t reset when switching between views.
  • Applying of advanced filters was fixed for Meeting, Call, Task.
  • Calendar now remembers your last selected view when you re-open it.


  • We no longer save the tech info about a call into the Description field, so the field is free for proper use.
  • Added ability to hyperlink to a call.  Added ability to open the current call from the CTI popup app.

Company & Contact

  • The balance calculation has been changed to calculate the same way as MYOB/XERO
  • A bug that allowed inactive accounts to be selected for third-party billing has been fixed.
  • The filter rule “Included In List” has been adjusted to display only Active items.
  • Map:  Opening task from map was fixed.


  • Inactive records are now excluded from “Courier Service”, “Courier Provider”, and “Courier” selectors.


  • Optional Groups: Removed obsolete Allowance and Allowance Amount from UI and DB.
  • Stocks grid click now opens the related product
  • Supplier Price Breaks have been added on purchase orders
  • Calculation of landed costs have been changed to use GL Codes from options.


  • Ability to attach Service Report to emails for Jobs has been implemented.
  • Job: Service Report: The ability to set the show order was added for Categories in Report Template.
  • Job: Service Report: The placeholders to “Select an option” were changed.
  • Job: Service Report: Re-designed the service report screens to be more user-friendly, removing excess popups and clicks.
  • Support for multi service reports was added to pdf preview.
  • MyJobs: Map: Ability to show driving routes has been added.


  • Quotes: The accepted date has been added.
  • Placeholders: An ability to use Format for DateTime fields has been added.


  • An ability to “Undo” shipments has been implemented.


  • Kanban: Ability to apply advanced filter was added.

Woo Commerce

  • Fixed syncing of products with badly-named custom fields with Woo.

4th February 2022

Contacts & Companies

  • The new filter rules for Opportunity have been added: Has Open Opportunities and Has Opportunities in specified Stage.    This allows easy filtering of the company and contact list based on opportunities and their status.


  • The behaviour of SO items generated from Job was made equivalent to Job items.


  •  The “Selling Unit Of Measure” field has been added for Bulk Update.


  • The Delivery Run PDF Template has been adjusted to remove Sales Orders that are marked as “Completely Shipped”.


  • Fixed bug where count of team members wrongly included Tall Emu support team members.

Web Forms

  • Added ability to book courses online that do not have a date in training booking forms.

Web Quotes

  • “Simple Acceptance” mode on quotes now properly hides the payment button in all cases.
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